WASHINGTON DC - A group of companies focused on building design, construction and asset management for the AEC industry, has announced their formation of BIM Construct as an international association of companies to promote the advancement of Building Information Modeling technologies: Collectively, these processes have been called BIM, thus their chosen name. The charter members of this group include: AEC Infosystems Inc., Baltimore, MD; Enterprixe Ltd. Helsinki, Finland; Onuma Inc., based in Pasadena, CA; and Solibri Inc., also of Helsinki. The group is chaired by Mr. Richard See, a Senior Manager at Microsoft, former Technical Director for the IAI, and co-founder of the BLIS Consortium -- an industry organization focused on developing and using software to create and edit IFC building models.
“BIM Construct is a logical next step and complement to BLIS to more directly manage shared development of BIM training, products, tools, and content. Most of the charter members of BIM Construct were active in BLIS,” says Mr. Richard See, the group chairperson. "BLIS has been great for facilitating cross-company cooperation and shared development of BIM tools, software specifications, and training materials. However, this development has always been limited by what member companies could voluntarily contribute. With BIM Construct we can link these contributions and match innovation to the practical needs of owners and professionals in the industry.” Mr. See continued by noting “BIM Construct will more directly link opportunities for the contributing companies, in the form of seminars and educational events for building designers, contractors, and owners looking to begin their migration towards BIM products and processes.”
BIM Construct has been formed as a non-profit organization dedicated to industry education and further development and use of BIM technology, products, and services. It will provide a vehicle for joint development of BIM and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tools and technology, provide industry education on BIM through seminars, and serve as a repository for public domain and shared BIM tools. Finally, BIM Construct will provide a coordinated vehicle for its member companies to provide demonstrations and increase awareness of BIM processes, products, and services at trade shows and conferences.
Mr. Kimon Onuma, President of Onuma Inc., and one of the founding members of the new group observed: "We have been using BIM processes in our projects for over 10 years now, and have seen huge benefits. It has opened up new markets for us. Many in the industry talk about BIM as if it is science fiction, for us it is very much a reality for over a decade. You have to see some of the things that are possible with BIM to believe it. BIM Construct will make it easier for clients with BIM needs to find us."
The group has appointed Mr. Ken Jacobsen, a business development consultant in the Silicon Valley as its secretary and chartered him with forming the new organization. "I envision that by the end of this year, we will be organizing a traveling road show demonstrating BIM process and technology to promote the ideas and the capabilities of these emerging systems." He commented that PLM technologies have had a dramatic impact on the mechanical engineering industry, and especially the automobile design industry. He fully expects that as these products and concepts mature, their impact on the architectural, engineering, and construction industry will be just as profound. “These issues will also have a significant impact on Enterprise Content Management (ECM) as these concepts continue to evolve and converge,” Jacobsen concluded.
For further information about BIM Construct please contact Mr. Ken Jacobsen at 510-490-7095 or by using the contact form. Members of the BIM Construct will be exhibiting at the GSA Technology Expo in Miami April 4-5, 2005; and the Georgia Tech Conference on Building Information Modeling, April 19-20, 2005; and the US Coast Guard Technology Innovation Expo in Santa Clara. May 2-5, 2005.